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Back Pain


I’m writing this after an eight-mile run, and guess what? I feel good! Unlike my last long run, my lower back isn’t screaming in pain – and I know I owe today’s pain-free running to Elyse.

– Theresa Duque, Writer/Editor at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Elyse helps you solve your pain issues by…

  • Analyzing how you move
  • Improving your postural habits
  • Unwinding the relationship between stress and muscle tension
  • Teaching you how to be more comfortable sitting, standing, lying down, walking and breathing


Scientifically verified and cost-effective

In 2008, the British Medical Journal reported on a randomized controlled trial involving 579 back pain patients that compared the effects of Alexander Technique, massage, exercise and no treatment for chronic back pain.

Measurements taken one year after the study showed:

  • After 24 Alexander Technique lessons patients averaged only 3 days of back pain per month
  • After just six Alexander Technique lessons and a program of daily walking patients averaged 11 days of back pain per month.

By contrast, the study showed that:

  • With no treatment, patients averaged 21 days of back pain per month
  • After 24 sessions of massage, patients still averaged 14 days of back pain per month


The researchers concluded that a prescription of six Alexander Technique lessons was both effective and a good value for the cost.

Hear from experts and clients

alan2Though I, a physician, was skeptical that at 64 years old I could change how I sit, stand, walk, and sleep enough to relieve my back and neck symptoms; with Ms. Shafarman’s help I am in much less pain, and have improved greatly in stamina, exercise tolerance, and outlook.

Alan B. Newman, MD, UCSF


You’ve got just one back — only one. Nobody is going to give you another one, unfortunately. And for the cost of, say, a holiday, you could invest in learning to look after your back, learning to look after yourself, in a way that’s going to last you the rest of your life. I think that’s got to be good value for money.

– Carolyn Nicholls, Alexander Technique Research Consultant