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For Performing Artists


The Technique allows me to connect with and open my chest and heart center, which causes me to be more open and vulnerable and improves my ability to communicate.

Steven Strobel, Actor

Hone your edge

Actors, dancers, singers and musicians place special demands on their minds and bodies, requiring a heightened degree of physical freedom, precision and presence. Learn to expand the edge of creativity beyond the realm of habit. Access movement that is free of excess tension to maintain strength and ease for career longevity.

The Alexander Technique gives you the tools to prevent tension, and reach a state of relaxation, postural poise and alertness in your work. You’ll find that as soon as you step outside the confines of habit, exciting creative possibilities open up.


  • Protect and free your voice
  • Connect to your authentic self
  • Discover new impulses
  • Find internal space and freedom in emotionally tense characters
  • Stay present in corsets, heels, and other uncomfortable costumes
  • Learn a reliable method for relaxation and alignment


  • Improve balance, turns, jumps, flexibility and line
  • Discover effortless core support
  • Ease neck and jaw tension
  • Prevent and/or recover from injury
  • Take your kinesthetic awareness to the next level
  • Social dancers: connect to your partner and stay balanced on your axis.


  • Reach new levels of vocal resonance, power and artistry
  • Discover support without effort
  • Reduce habitual tension associated with difficult passages
  • Free your neck, throat, mouth, and tongue


  • Prevent repetitive strain injuries
  • Improve posture while playing
  • Reduce tension that interferes with technique


Working with performing artists

Elyse has had the joy of working with actors and other performing artists in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2004, including her work as a faculty member at American Conservatory Theater’s (A.C.T.) MFA Acting program and Berkeley Repertory School of Theater. She works with many performing artists in her private practice. For inspiration, she draws on the experience she gained assisting Frank Ottiwell at A.C.T., and her life in dance. She focuses on creating long-term improvements in body awareness and freedom, to expand the abilities of performers and extend their careers.

beth-deitchman2-webElyse is magical—with her calming presence, rich vocabulary of images, and extensive knowledge of the body and how it works, she has helped me to transform my relationship with my body, making me a better actor and, frankly, a saner person. Practicing Alexander technique allows me to be more relaxed, more alive, and more present both onstage and off.

Beth Deitchman, Actor