BodyProject Summer Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I’d love to see you at my next Alexander Technique workshop at Berkeley Rep on Saturday July 13, 1-4 pm $65. Get ready to feel light and free. Learn skills to release tension to improve movement and mood! Content is appropriate for actors and non-actors alike. Info here

Other news:

I’m giving a public workshop at the Annual meeting of the American Society for Alexander Technique at Columbia University on Thursday June 27,  2 – 3:30 pm $60. We’ll explore side dominance in movement, and play with spiraling directions, falling and freedom. I’d love to see some familiar friendly faces. Info here.

Additionally, there will be a variety of workshops that are both open to the public and free. Here’s the schedule:
In June, I partnered with my colleague, flautists and Body Map expert Amy Likar, to produce a workshop supporting Musician’s health at Musicians Union in San Francisco.

Also in June, I had the opportunity to study Breath Embodiment, with my colleague Jeffery Crockett. It was an amazing weekend learning about autonomy, spontaneity and intimacy. Much of the work was inspired by Polyvagal theory I will be sure to spread the word the next time Jeff is in town.

If you are attending plays this summer, look out for my brilliant A.C.T. MFA students performing at the Geary Theater, SF Playhouse, Cal Shakes, Livermore Shakespeare Festival, and many other local venues.

On a personal note, I’ve been experimenting with using Alexander Technique and Reembody Method to enhance flute playing, weight training and swimming.

Happy summer! Stay in touch. I’d love to hear your news.



Summer Private Practice hours:

  • San Francisco, Mondays 3 – 6 pm, Tuesdays 8:30 am – 6:30pm, and Thursdays 9 – 5 pm
  • Berkeley, Fridays 9 – 3pm, Sundays 1 – 6.