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Pelvic Float

Let your pelvis float and roll around the round femur heads. How many angles of rotation are possible between the two sides? Which quadrants feel free and loose, and which feel blocked? This movement might feel like a tilting ship in a storm. Or a sexy dance move. Or something much smaller and subtler that […]

Self Trust and the Gut

Been observing the effects of emotional anxiety on my digestive system. Guts tangling like snakes. High fear alert system from my body and difficulty distinguishing what is present time threat, and what is historical. Current commitment is to trust the sensations of my body, with the caveat that the interpretation of the meaning of these […]

Beating Anxiety With Self-Talk: A Cheat-Sheet, Guest Blog by Caitlin Margaret

Think back to the last time you were anxious. Do you remember the conversation you were having with yourself before the anxiety hit? Probably not. Most likely, you can only remember how you felt. The fear. The panic. The worry. And that’s normal. We can get so overwhelmed by the feelings that anxiety brings on […]