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Duck Feet?

Here’s a Reembody Method sequence that I used to help a duck-footed (feet turned out) saxophonist with sore feet and low back pain. If you have similar issues while standing, you might try it too. But what is the Reembody Method, you might ask? It’s a new somatic modality that looks at how our inborn tendency […]

What is the Alexander Technique?

When students used to say to my teacher Frank Ottiwell, “I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders.” He would say, “Well, why don’t you put it down?” With the Alexander Technique, we look at posture as a reflection of habits and behaviors, not as an inherent feature of genetics or identity. Over time, […]

BodyProject Summer Newsletter

Dear Friends, I’d love to see you at my next Alexander Technique workshop at Berkeley Rep on Saturday July 13, 1-4 pm $65. Get ready to feel light and free. Learn skills to release tension to improve movement and mood! Content is appropriate for actors and non-actors alike. Info here Other news: I’m giving a public workshop […]

Group Mind – Rhythm & Motion

I’ve been taking Rhythm & Motion (RM) dance classes for about 18 months, and feel like I’ve stumbled into one of the best kept secrets of San Francisco. Who knew that there was a large community of people, who for the last 40 years have been brave enough to plunge into dance classes where the […]