Elizabethan Collars – from the department of wacky images

queen-62969_640And this morning, it’s all about expanding space between joints. It begins with imagining the neck surrounded by one of those big, white, pleated Elizabethan ruffle collars. Then imagine the collar un-pleating and the ruffles expanding apart like an accordion. Feel your muscles unravel around your neck and throat. Feel your head have a little space to float up away from your feet. You can place an Elizabethan ruffle around your wrists and ankles. Imagine them un-ruffling. Can you let this happen between your vertebrae? It’s not long before every joint in your body is happily un-ruffling. In my mind, this image is accompanied with a sound effect, something like “Vrrppp” but a little more melodious, like the Apple Mac chime.

Why? Images help. And it’s fun.

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