Q & A: Should I take your next group class at Berkeley Rep, or should I sign up for a private lesson?

Next group class starts May 7, at Berkeley Rep School of Theatre ($140)

Q: I’m currently a dancer, and am also a graduate student. I have trouble breathing when dancing, trouble with alignment (chronic low back pain), and extra (fidgety-type) movement habits.

Since I am a student, and budget is important at this point, I’m curious if you might recommend signing up for your 5-week class at Berkeley Rep? Or would it be better to come see you for a private lesson?

A: I think the class at Berkeley Rep would be a really good option for you. Alexander Technique is about changing habits. It takes time to form habits, and it takes some time to unlearn habits. A single lesson might be eye-opening, but I think you would improve more by studying consistently for 5-weeks in the group class.

As a dancer myself, I know how critical it is to address alignment and tension in order to have clear and beautiful technique. Also, I think you might find the stress management component of the Alexander Technique helpful as you move through a challenging graduate program.

I do offer 1/2 hour lessons which is another lower cost option, but again, I think you would gain a lot by attending the group class.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if if you have any questions!

With love and lightness,

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