Simple wishes for ease

Thinking the following “Directions” developed by F.M. Alexander will help you find more ease and spinal length.

  1. Let me neck be free (smooth, long, soft)
  2. Let my jaw be free (space between back molars, lips soft)
  3. To let my head pivot forward and up (as if nodding yes)
  4. To let my spine lengthen and my back widen

Think the Directions versus trying to do them.

Think them in sequence. The startle pattern, which is our most usual source of unpleasant tension, begins in the neck. To melt a startle, you need to start by freeing the neck.

The word “let” is very important since it implies allowing and non-doing.

You don’t want to make an effort with your thought. Thinking too hard will cause you to tense involuntarily.