Helping people help each other

Ok, that was cool.

I just taught a couple the most simple ways that they could put non-doing hands on each other, to help ease back pain and stress during an upcoming trip overseas. My client has been healing a pretty serious back injury and was very nervous about the stress of travel, so we discussed ways her partner might help her.

On the one hand, Alexander Technique Teachers train for many years to have a special quality of directed touch that communicates coordination and ease. On the other hand, we all intuitively know how to put hands on in a gentle, calm, nourishing way. Adding the non-invasive quality of non-doing creates a little refreshing breeze that can exist in the charged space between two bodies. Non-doing touch is a little bit of equanimity. I am only responsible for my journey, even though, right now, I am here with you. You are only responsible for your journey and choices, even though right now, you are here with me. And all the space between us, and around us, and so on

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