Redirect the holding into movement.

A friend commented, “Interesting technique! I feel I’m holding between my shoulder blades. Suggestions for release?”

Perhaps you are holding your shoulder blades together and leaning back to counteract slumping? You could reverse all those arrows pointing in towards the space between your shoulder blades. This might look like letting your chest soften down as your arms swing forward as if embracing a giant redwood (I’m a tree huggers at heart). Or maybe feel the back expand as the shoulder blades glide down the slope of the ribs, letting the shoulder movement cascade the elbows into a gesture? Perhaps, when you stop leaning backwards you will stagger forward in a step, or even a lunge to a leap? Perhaps letting go of the pinching will cause an unraveling and lengthening motion in the arms with a rush of blood into the hands? I’m not sure. It’s play time.

The concept is that holding anywhere in the body is too much energy going in one direction. To release, let the direction of holding reverse and see what happens.

Often we can’t articulate where and how we feel the holding. Luckily our hands are often much smarter than our minds. Try and describe what you feel with a gesture. Perhaps your fist crumples into a tight ball describing the pain between your shoulder blades. Let your fist unwind. Now imagine that unwinding happening in between your shoulders.

Redirect the holding into movement.


Loosen your cape strings

Visualize your collar bones widening

Imagine that your collarbones are the strings of a cape.

Imagine that your shoulder blades, back and arms are the cape.

Loosen your cape strings.

Enjoy letting your collarbones widen, as your shoulder blades relax, draping down the back.


Visualize your shoulder blades draping down your back

Photo by Ilie Micut-Istrate on Unsplash