Half the World is Behind You

Do you find yourself sticking your neck forward and crunching…

Speaking from the Bones

I wrote this for one of my MFA Acting students, but…

Neck Tension and Decisions

We know that the Central Nervous System (CNS) is the body's gatekeeper.…

So why not let your head float up like a balloon?

As a side note, I am reviewing ideo-kinesis as I prep to teach…

Alexander Technique Class at Berkeley Rep - Starting Feb 13, 2018

  Alexander Technique for Mind Body Balance 5-week workshop…

rest. do less. rest. play. do less. rest.

How do you handle the need to rest when ill, injured…

relax your face, elevate your mood

Allow my forehead to smooth down towards my brows Allow…

Rise Up

Compressing yourself in sympathy for the pain in the world does…
Book cover of The Fragile Species by Lewis Thomas.

quick reflection on the concept of "holism"

Holism is a fundamental construct of the Alexander Technique,…
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