Group Mind - Rhythem & Motion

So I’ve been taking these follow-along-dance classes for about…

Metaphors for Movement

This essay was gleaned from a conversation on social media. I…

Redirect the holding into movement.

A friend commented, "Interesting technique! I feel I'm holding…

anticipation and forward head posture

Here's a nice study* showing that anxious anticipation…

Laser point your way to length

In the Alexander Technique, we teach students how to find the…

Heel Pain - Mystery Solved!

My friend, a one-time avid tango dancer and current expat in…

Loosen your cape strings

Imagine that your collarbones are the strings of a cape. Imagine…

Analyzing the Ads

Sometimes my students bring me photos and news stories to discuss.…

Letting go of the grip

Today, a student asked me if the Alexander Technique…
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